I am Latika.

I help small businesses with big hearts and passionate entrepreneurs to convert their purpose to profit and create a brand that helps them share their gifts with the world.

Let me show you how you can build and grow your business so that you can do what you are best at. In this free program of Plan, Build and Bloom, I will hand hold you on each step and make sure you are ready to grow from there.

Growing your business online looks promising but marketing it looks complex.

Technology isn’t your best friend and learning it all to do it for your business is not just time- consuming but overwhelming too. It’s not your zone of genius after all.

I am listening..

One of the reasons it takes so long to build your business and market it online is you spend too much time working on the wrong things. You wish that somebody can tell you the exact method to get it right particularly for your specific business. Outsourcing it all to experts is either expensive or it doesn’t feel right. You would want to have a complete control over your business. Sounds familiar?

After building my successful businesses and working with dozens of entrepreneurs and companies for 12+ years, I created this program that helps you feel clear, focused and have an easy-to-follow roadmap for your business journey. You’ll know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. Your business is about to get a lot simpler to build and grow online.

It's my mission and passion to help conscious small businesses, and passionate entrepreneurs, to create a profitable and a sustainable brand so that they can do what they are best at.

Latika Manaktala

I became a consultant after a significant 12+ years of marketing career. That means it made me a little more than able to address those specific issues that businesses bring it to the table. The ability to quickly get into the heart of the matter isn’t easy unless you have been around the block.

I have been always innately inclined towards businesses that made a difference or have the fire to. It has been a strong deep rooted fire within me to be able to make a difference doing what I am best at.  A significant career in various fields of marketing including online makes me pretty able to share my gifts with people I care for.

Before setting up my consultancy, I had worked in agencies putting together marketing campaigns for companies both big and small and ventured into having my own agency that worked with budgets from a shoestring to multi-lakhs. I am well placed to help people get the most from every penny they have.  And, that’s what I now do. I help small businesses and passionate entrepreneurs to make their marketing pay.

After all your business is like your baby who is best known to you. Just like an infant, your business needs constant attention at the beginning if you want it to be healthy and grow. “It needs constant feeding and changing. Having someone to help with you with this foundation process only makes Life easier.

That’s why I believe any brand building and marketing program should be a “DO IT WITH YOU” and not “DONE FOR YOU” because you don’t outsource parenting.

Here are some of the brands that I have worked with in my marketing career of 12+ years.

Gratitude Notes

“Latika came as god sent to me as I knew and understood nothing about how social media marketing works. Latika not only schooled me through different aspects of marketing but also came up with an advertising and marketing plan with keeping in mind my start up budget. Over time Latika has turned into a real good friend and an awesome marketing advisor for my brand.”

Karishma HemaddyLuminance Skin Clinics

“Ms. Latika is an amazing coach. The most overwhelming responses come from the participants each time after her super energy sessions. She has the ability to explain the difficult concepts very simply to amateurs. We hope she can manage to take our sessions more often.”

Piush NathaniManagement Head, MITCON

“It was an enriching learning experience for our students at MITSOM to be trained by Ms Latika Manaktala and her team on digital marketing certification workshop.”

Neelam RautHOD, MIT School Of Management

“Latika is very detailed oriented and creative. She always brings solid ideas to the table. She manages multiple priorities with ease. I find her an innovative marketer with a strong drive for bottom line results.”

Bijal PatelDirector,

“It's a great experience working with Latika and her team at Mistletoe for three long years. The team is always ready to go an extra mile - full of energy, innovation and proactiveness!”

Sahdev MehtaGM, Hilton Hotels

“Latika has been a wonderful support and has taken every one of my ideas and to create it in reality. The First exercise that we did was Passion to Profit-exploring my talents and developing clarity in my dreams and then working out the steps to get there was amazing. Her process gave me so much insight into how and what I really wanted to achieve. Latika is passionate about helping her clients succeed. It comes through in every endeavour of hers and in the way she works with her clients. Working with Latika, for me as a woman entrepreneur was a great experience since she knew exactly what I would need for the development of my business.”

Captain Aditi SamantPilot and Psychologist

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