Hi, I am Latika

I am an innate believer in sharing your gifts with the world and have a value-creating life. And I help Passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses with Big hearts to do the same.

I had a marketing career for 12+ years where I worked with businesses both big and small to build their brands, create loyal customers and grow online. I wanted to continue doing it for more and more people I cared for, and so I started my own consulting.

It takes a lot of listening, to really understand a business and what they’re trying to achieve.

I bring together the experience I have, and the knowledge I’ve accrued, to create a roadmap for a business that meets its needs to develop into a brand that generates sustainable profits.

This covers the golden circle of Why to How– from working out how to present the products, to getting the right marketing tools in place, to executing a set of marketing activities to get the name out there.

And I love it!

It is exhilarating to see the light-bulb moments on the faces of passionate business owners when they discover what’s absolutely right for them. It’s a great feeling to see beautiful businesses grow as a results of your nurturing.

  • In my 12+ years of Marketing career, I have worked with a dozen of nationalised brands. From customer loyalty programs, brand creation to creating an online presence.
  • I have always had a passion for business. I founded my Digital Marketing Agency called Mistletoe in 2015 and helped brands in building robust marketing campaigns online. Mistletoe worked with companies across various sectors like- IT, Health care, Education, Hospitality, Ecommerce.
  • I am a consultant for small businesses, business coach for women entrepreneurs and conduct various passion to profit programs in Business Women Labs.
  • I have successfully helped dozens of entrepreneurs and small businesses to create, build and grow their ventures.
  • I have trained 2000+ Business Students on Online marketing through my Digital Marketing Boot Camp Programs.

Aside From Business

  • I am a worshipper of rural and tribal and folk art forms. I love to doodle, paint and upcycle.
  • Give me that empty bottle of wine that you drank last night and I will create and gift you back a beautiful piece of art. I love to Upcyle anything and everything.
  • Acoustic instruments and melodious vocals stir my soul.
  • I am huge admirer of beautiful pieces of literature- Hindi, Urdu or English.
  • Sunsets and Sunrises make me euphoric more than my glass of wine.

My Philosophy

So what are you waiting for?

Start your business BUILD & BLOOM Journey