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Aham Brahmasmi in Business & Life – Latika Manaktala
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Aham Brahmasmi-  I am the infinite reality- A concept that is applicable in every aspect of life- Even business- When we apply it in business- we attract our best audience that is a reflection of our brand and business. I’d like to call it interconnectedness of business and life.

y² = x  says I am a generic parabola. Also a generic equation of Life- any kind of Life.

And here I am taking the liberty to put random numbers in increasing orders and imagining our realities.

  • If you put no. between 500 – 5000, let’s say the parabola symbolizes a life of a Human.
  • Put a number between  5000 – 50,000 Parabola is a design of a Legendary human.
  • Put a very large no like 1 million, parabola may symbolize the Universe- The Brahma.

We all are generic equations of a parabola living different degrees, variables of x and y . The entire universe which we think is something beyond us is an extension of us with expanded degrees of x and y. I am a part of this Universe and I am the universe too! Aham Brahmasmi.

Picture courtesy : Swiss Miss

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