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Business & Life as a Parabola – Latika Manaktala
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For those the word parabola and the next paragraph is Greek and Latin- let me quickly explain it in one sentence.  Parabola is a graph, and it is represented by the equation y²=x.

Ever since I learned about Parabola in my 11th grade. I have fallen in love with them. Each time Prof. Bakshi was putting in numbers in these variables of x and y of the equation of the parabola, (y²=x) my heart used to skip a beat- as I see the Parabola changing its size 😀 (Okay, it may be an exaggeration but I was definitely awed). The hyperbola can be big or small based on how big or small the value is.

The reason I used to be in awe and I still am is that how this graph is dependent on just two factors- these two factors are the x and y. While y² = x is a generic equation. The quantum of x and y we put in there decides the specific size of our Life or say Parabola.

Our Business and Life if analyzed from 10,000 feet, is actually based on a few factors. The amount of these factors determines the size or graph of our Business and Life. Those factors have names like Habits, Traits, Behaviour, Actions, & Luck.

Right now I am in the process of figuring out the quantity of x and y for a humongous parabola.

  1. The quantity of x and Y for dramatic revenue
  2. The quantity of x and y for a getting excellent clients
  3. The quantity of x and Y for a spick and span house

Do you wish somebody could give you the exact formula of the Parabola of your business and life to crack and ace various situations?

P.S: Random Musings. All ideas don’t need to make sense. Sometimes it is for a wilder imagination, creativity and kicks too: This concept was important for me to explain so that I could tell you about Interconnectedness of Business and Life and Aham Brahmasmi in my next blog.

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