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Passion to PROFIT Goals Setting for 2019 – Latika Manaktala
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I love Goals. I love them because they work. Writing the Goals down is Motivating, Inspiring, Encouraging and Scary, Overwhelming and Phenomenal. It is also one of the most important things that we do in the Passion to PROFIT workshops too to make those wonderful things in our businesses happen. Writing your Goals down is the first step of manifesting them.

I have set goals many, many different ways, but I’ve found that my goals are most effective when they’re based on my priorities. Priority-based goals, when paired with solid action steps, break down the goal setting process so that you’ll be accomplishing them in no time!

Once I’ve filled out my whole goal worksheet, I like to hang it somewhere that I pass often so that I can be reminded of my goals every day– the fridge, my office, the bathroom mirror– anywhere that it will be staring me in the face all the time!

Goals can feel really scary and intimidating, but I know that if I’m choosing things that are really meaningful to me– things that I know will improve my life over the long term– and decide on solid action steps to help me along the way, then it’s just a matter of taking it step by step, little by little. And before I know it, my goal with be complete! (And yours will too!)

I’m so excited to see you crush your goals during this upcoming week, month, year, and beyond! Let’s make 2019 your Year!

I have the Goal Planning worksheet for you.  Click on the blue chat button on this page to receive the worksheet. 🙂


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