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It’s Only You! You are the only one! – Latika Manaktala
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With 7 Billion of us almost overloading the planet and exploring our survival in other planets now, makes us think that there are just too many copies of DNA out there.. Too many people!

But come to think of it, every single human is still unique.

Why do you think everyone still has a unique fingerprint or other unique IDs like Iris, retina, footprint etc? That unique ID just proves it that we are not the run of the mill. Not at all.

Each one of us with a combination of our unique personalities, talents, skills, and traits create our very unique WOW FACTOR. I

Extrapolating this wow factor from an individual to a business. Our Businesses also possess their unique wow factors. Business is an extension of the Entrepreneur much like a baby to his parent. 

Does that mean every business is also unique?

Yes, indeed it is. There is absolutely no one in this entire universe who can provide the same value as you do. 

That also means that competition in your business is nothing but a myth. There is nobody in the entire universe who can provide the same value as you do.

There are billions of stars in the universe, yet every star shines. 🙂

Want to discover your wow factor? Discover in this e-guide.  

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